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1901 Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94133

Lic. 384004121

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Laurel Heights

30 Blake Street

San Francisco, CA 94118

Lic. 384004160


Preparing for the brightest future, Hungry Caterpillars is pioneering the field of childcare through our dedication and commitment to the specific needs of every child we are entrusted to provide care for.  Our facilities are licensed by the state of California, and allowed to care for a maximum capacity of twelve to fourteen children, depending on the ages of the children enrolled at any given time. This smaller setting lets us prioritize careful focus on each individual child in order to really get to know, teach, and bond with each other.  We do not take the responsibility lightly and provide each child the enhanced attention which allows for a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth. We welcome all prospective parents looking to possibly enroll their children for a visit anytime.


Hungry Caterpillars Family Daycare was founded in late 2017 by lead caretaker, Bianca Haberek. Prior to opening up her own facility, she worked under the tutelage of her mother-in-law, Silvia Roldan, at Silvia's Family Daycare in North Beach for a little over two years. Throughout those years, Bianca was personally mentored and taught every skill and bit of knowledge she possesses by Silvia, and that mentorship continues to this day.

In mid-2019, Silvia's Family Daycare eventually moved to the Laurel Heights neighborhood where Silvia happily accepted working under the Hungry Caterpillars name in order to work side-by-side with Bianca toward their aim of building a genuine family-oriented daycare setting. Silvia and Bianca philosophize that having sister daycares allows for their family to work together, and to the best of their ability, to optimally serve all of your families.

The expertise required to optimally care for young children is a constantly evolving skill, a fact both Silvia and Bianca acknowledge and embrace, perpetually working to develop curriculums intended to meet the requirements each generation of children. Throughout their years working in childcare, both Silvia and Bianca have attained extensive and thorough backgrounds which include excellent experience ensuring the safety and well-being of the young children in their care as self-employed Certified Home-Based Child Care Providers. Through those backgrounds, they have developed a curriculum which includes organizing activities, preparing and serving daily homemade meals and snacks, assistance with potty training and diaper changing, keeping toys clean and disinfected, frequent trips to the park and library, sanitizing facilities, and encouraging communal and emotional development. Additionally, both lead caretakers possess experience and knowledge in assisting children through separation anxiety—using distraction and refocussing techniques to help kids through the transition of separating from their parents/caregivers—in order to not only help children feel more at home, but also for parents to feel more comfortable leaving their children while they are at work.

Hungry Caterpillars views childcare as more than just a quality daycare center but rather the first step in a long journey of growth and education in the life of your little one. With that in mind, we are more than prepared for and happy to undertake the responsibility of this task while working side-by-side with parents toward our goal of creating strong bonds and a setting that feels like family. 



Infant Schedule

Breakfast:  served from 8.30am—9.30am

First Bottle: 9.30am

First Nap: 9.45am—10.45am

Park: 11.00am—12.00pm

Lunch: 12.00pm—12.30pm

Playtime: 12.30pm—1.00pm

Second Bottle: 1.15pm

Second Nap: 1.30pm—3.30pm

Third Bottle: 4.00pm

Sensory Play: 4.00pm—5.00pm

Pick-up: 5.00pm—5.30pm 

Toddler Schedule

Breakfast:  served from 8.30am—9.30am

Indoor Playtime: 9.45am—10.30am

Morning Snack: 10.30am—10.45am

Park/Activities: 11.00am—12.00pm

Lunch: 12.00pm—1.00pm

Indoor Playtime: 1.00pm—1.15pm

Bottle: 1.15pm

Nap: 1.30pm—3.30pm

Afternoon Snack: 3.30pm—4.00pm

Learning time: 4.00pm—5.00pm

Pick-up: 5:00pm—5:30pm 

Note: If your child is under 6 months of age and is still napping three times a day, then the infant schedule does not apply to you. Feeding time will be every three hours since the last bottle. Naps will be every hour and a half to two hours. For example, if you bring your child to daycare at 8:15 am, and he/she woke up at 6:00 am and was fed at home, then the baby will be swaddled and put down for a nap. As soon as he/she wakes up from their nap then that will be the first feeding time of the day.


In addition to providing our little ones the highest standard of quality care, Hungry Caterpillars also provides fresh, daily, home-cooked meals for lunch, while ensuring that everything we utilize in the kitchen is organic and of the highest quality. Alongside our lunch service, we provide parents a template (pictured above) specifying exactly what we have planned for our weekly menu and do our utmost to ensure the children never eat the same thing twice within a two-week span. Every meal we provide will contain a healthy, well-rounded combination of proteins, grains, dairy and fruits/vegetables to ensure the children have a nutritional diet which provides them the energy and strength they need. 




Mother of 16-month-old Lily

Hungry Caterpillars goes above and beyond to build personal relationships with each child and family. They have great values and are so thoughtful with how they care for kids that they feel loved and given individualized attention while still learning to play with other kids. I know that we lean on them for tips and welcome their advice given their experience. And any moms out there considering Hungry Caterpillars... your kids will run to give the staff a hug. What else could you ask for?!


Mother of 22-month-old Nathalie 

Hungry Caterpillars took excellent care of my daughter Nathalie (7-19 months old). As a new parent, it was reassuring to see how Nathalie interacted with their staff, and to receive their daily reports and text updates. The staff also introduced new fruits (mangos!) and vegetables to Nathalie, took her to the park regularly, and taught her new things. At pickup, we usually had a quick chat recapping the day and it was clear to me that Nathalie was well cared for and loved. Hungry Caterpillars has a great way with infants and toddlers, takes parents’ wishes and parenting philosophies into account, and somehow manage to make it all look easy. Hungry Caterpillars is also the only care provider my husband and I trust to care for Nathalie for date night. I highly recommend the Hungry Caterpillars family daycare.


Mother of 10-month-old Holly 

Hungry Caterpillars came into our life just when I needed them. They have been an amazing care provider with great ideas, activities, and suggestions for our child’s care. My daughter smiles and kicks her legs when we arrive in the morning and she is always happy when we go home. Hungry Caterpillars does a great job with keeping all the children on a schedule and it has helped with our regular sleep and eat schedules at home. I love that the staff is mature, has a lot of experience, and is always professional. The staff has great communicators and strive to offer the best care for all of the kids. Since we have been at Hungry Caterpillars, my daughter has hit a lot of her developmental milestones early and she looks to socialize with other kids regularly. We are so happy here!



Hungry Caterpillars Has Changed Locations!


Hungry Caterpillars Family Daycare has found a much more spacious apartment, which also happens to be categorized as a commercial space, in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The unit is much bigger than the limited space we were provided with when we initially opened our daycare. This additional space will allow for the implementation of a genuine daycare setting and preschool elements to help us focus on preparing the children under our care for their future education.


We hope you are all as excited as we are with this move and hope to see you all at our newly refurbished location at 1901 Stockton Street!!

Weekend Childcare Now Available!

Have you ever wanted to have a date night, a Saturday or Sunday to yourselves, or perhaps even a weekend getaway, but can't seem to find someone to look after your child? Then perhaps you may be interested in a service we are introducing to all mommies and daddies seeking some quality time together: 


Hungry Caterpillars, in collaboration with Silvia's Family Daycare, now offers weekend childcare for children of all ages from morning till evening and even overnight! Healthy meals, snacks, and drinks will of course be provided by us, as well as trips to the park, activities, and even field trips! 


For any parents who are interested in our weekend services, please contact the number listed for more information regarding availability, pricing, and any other questions you may have for us.






Interested parents are always welcome to visit, call, text, or email our daycare at anytime!


For questions regarding availability, our curriculum, or other general inquiries, please feel more than free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you as best we can!

When calling or writing us, please be sure to specify which of our locations, NorthBeach or Laurel Heights, you are inquiring about!

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